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Best In Class Committed 2022: Girls Evaluations

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Our inaugural BIC Women's Committed event brought together just shy of 100 commits across the classes of 2023 and 2024. 36 Division 1 programs were represented. 44 athletes attended our first rising junior event, BIC 2024, this past summer.

Athletes participated in a 3 part combine, while working with some of the best coaches in the world. Inside Lacrosse was on the scene to cover the event. Let's take a look at some staff evaluations and standouts we compiled! 

Best in class committed 2022



Giulia Colarusso | 2024 | Groton School | Highlight Link

Commitment: Boston College 

Flying 20: 2.37 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 0 in

Vertical: 27.5 Inches

Evaluation: Giulia displayed an extra gear of speed that allowed her to consistently get her hands free. Whether getting underneath and finishing in front of the net, or sticking an "on the run" from range, Colarusso's ability to get shots off was eye popping. High motor.

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Mia Raucci | 2024 | Garnet Valley HS | Highlight Link

Commitment: Maryland

Flying 20: 2.54 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 0 in

Vertical: 22 Inches

Evaluation: Raucci is a very skilled attacker with an ability to impact the game with and without the ball in her stick. Her low angle finishing was impressive off the dodge, and she only has more upside here as her deception grows.

Frannie Hahn | 2023 | St. Paul's School for Girls | Highlight Link

Commitment: Florida

Flying 20: 2.58 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 2 in

Vertical: 22 Inches

Evaluation: Hahn was one of the top feeders at the event. Consistently playing with eyes up, looking to make the right looks.  Hahn's confidence attacking her matchup grew over the 2 days as well and was productive in all of her game outings. 

Morgan Quade | 2024 | Saints Peter and Paul | Highlight Link

Commitment: Loyola

Evaluation: Morgan is a consistent, high IQ attacker with a strong RH. She plays with eyes up to feed and threw teammates open. She specifically showed great decision making in the double team drill and is constantly a productive member of the attacking unit.

Lauren LaPointe | 2023 | Glenelg HS | Highlight Link

Commitment: Maryland

Flying 20: 2.55 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 8 in (Second Overall)

Vertical: 31.5 Inches (Tied for 1st)

Evaluation: LaPointe really impressed all weekend. Strong stick skills and IQ, she gets it done off the dodge but is a great cutter off the ball. She has great feel for the pick game and certainly displays a mature approach to the game with when to be aggressive and when to let the ball flow and make an impact without it.


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Bella Goodwin | 2023 | Pingry | Highlight Link

Commitment: Duke

Flying 20: 2.61 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 7 in

Vertical: 21.5 Inches

Evaluation: Goodwin came in and made her mark at BIC. If it was any question before, I think she will make a push for a short list of top players in her class. While she attacked the cage hard with speed, she always played with poise and was ready to feed. She logged 6 goals and 2 assists in 2 games, but she filled the back of the net throughout trainings and was tough to stop. Her work rate made and compete levels were no surprise, and she met every piece feedback with an open mind and hunger to get better.

Eliza Osburn | 2024 | Valor Christian School | Highlight Link

Commitment: North Carolina

Flying 20: 2.34 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 4 in

Vertical: 26.5 Inches (+3 inches from summer)

Evaluation: Eliza returns and continues to show her development after a big summer and fall. She's explosive off the draw, dodges well and is smart player. She's a threat to score off ball, and this is an area she will continue to develop in. She has bounce in her step and plays strong D on tough dodgers as well. 

Madison Rassas | 2024 | Georgetown Visitation | Highlight Link

Commitment: Notre Dame

Flying 20: 2.43 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 1 in

Vertical: 21.5  Inches

Evaluation: One of the most consistent finishers we've seen. Off ball movement is heady and smart. Strong shooter off the dodge and inside cuts, and knows when to be creative with her stick. She has good speed in transition and  is strong all over the field. Defensive positioning  off ball can be a focus as she develops as a 2 way middie. 

Kate Levy | 2024 | McDonogh | Highlight Link

Commitment: North Carolina

Flying 20: 2.51 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 9 in

Vertical: 21.5 Inches

Evaluation: Kate is a strong midfielder with a quick ability to apply concepts and make in drill/in game adjustments. High level athlete and a lefty that has a quick split dodge to get her strength. I like her ability to feed and make decisions off the dodge, but can also score off cuts (see below). Multiple staff members pointed out her consistency and attention to detail on the little plays throughout the event.

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Devon Russell | 2024 | New Canaan HS | Highlight Link

Commitment: Boston College

Evaluation: Presence is a word that sticks out when it comes to describing Devon's impact on the field. Multiple staff members noted her ability to attack and finish, play strong defense, and make an impact between the 30's. She plays with high level speed and operates with a high IQ. She makes adjustments quickly and implements right away.

Kira Balis | 2024  | St. Paul's School for Girls | Highlight Link

Commitment: Clemson

Flying 20: 2.52 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 4 in

Vertical: 24.5 Inches

Evaluation: Kira's a strong, athletic 2 way midfielder who can make an impact without the ball in her stick. Leaning slightly defensive minded after a strong spring as a defender, Kira's on ball pressure and aggressiveness was noticeable in approaching big matchups. She can make an impact on the circle and is going to be a great addition for the Clemson Tigers.

Alyssa Chung | 2024 | Severna Park HS | Highlight Link

Commitment: Navy

Flying 20: 2.57 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 6 in

Vertical: 26 Inches

Evaluation: A repeat attendee from summer BIC, Alyssa picked up right where she left off amidst more talent and 2023s. She is hard to stop and always plays with her head up. She plays loose and with a pure love for the game. Tallying 4 goals and 1 assist across 2 games, Chung is going to continue making a case as one of the top prospects in the class of 2024.

Ellie White | 2023 | Notre Dame Prep | Highlight Link

Commitment: Duke

Flying 20: 2.39 seconds (Top 10)

Broad Jump: 8 ft, 4 in (1st)

Vertical: 31.5 Inches (1st)

Evaluation: Ellie was an impressive do-it-all midfielder. A natural lefty, she had a knack for turning the corner and getting to the net. She was highlighted by Caitlyn Petro as one of the most talented draw takers at the event, and she was an overall high IQ lacrosse player with great athleticism. She is going to be a great piece to a strong Duke 2023 recruiting class.



Molly Guzik | 2024 | School Name

Commitment: Syracuse

Flying 20: 2.37 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 6 in

Vertical: 24.5 Inches

Evaluation: Great at finding the ball in the air and on the ground and she’s extremely athletic in her first movement towards it. She communicates well with middies and is able to send the ball to their winnable space pretty easily. She's a high level athlete whom we'd like to see continue to dial in winning balls to herself in space. Her coachability and desire to learn makes us confident she will continue to progress quickly. 

Avery Hudson  | 2024 | Mount Paran Christian School 

Commitment: Boston College 

Flying 20: 2.32 seconds (First Overall in Women's)

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 2 in

Vertical: 23 Inches

Evaluation: Smart drawer, she has an understanding of the circle well beyond anyone else at her level. She’s able to manipulate space well and can send the ball to her circle girls pretty easily. As she continues to evolve in popping the ball to her own space and running onto it, she will continue to be an impact player on the draw circle. 



Coco Hauck | 2024  | Thayer Academy | Highlight Link

Commitment: Univ. Southern California

Flying 20:  2.58 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 8 in

Vertical: 21 Inches

Evaluation: Coco is a poised defender with good feet and high IQ. She moves well and reads feeders well. She has an active stick and demonstrated this throughout the small sided drills. She will be a great addition to the strong USC zone defense. 

Christina King | 2024 | St. Paul's School for Girls | Highlight Link

Commitment: Georgetown

Flying 20: 2.61 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 5 in

Vertical: 25.5 Inches

Evaluation: Christina held it down for Team 3. Great size and athleticism, King was hard to run by but also applied great pressure on ball, causing havoc and dropped balls even in seemingly simple hand exchanges for offensive players. She communicates well and has great presence in the clear. Great pickup in the 2024 class for Georgetown. 

Dakota Cristo | 2024 | St. Ignatius (Ca.)  | Highlight Link

Commitment: Penn State

Evaluation: Every time we see Dakota play, she continues to impress staff members that have seen her in the past while catching eyes of our newer coaches. Strong footwork, aggression and scrappy play highlight her game, but her playmaking ability in the offensive end continues to improve. 

Sophia Conti | 2024 | Babylon HS | Highlight Link

Commitment: Virginia

Evaluation: Conti is always locked in and is a competitor. She's tough on ball, communicates well on the field and in huddles. She has nice speed and stick protection in the clearing game and is a presence as much off ball as she is on ball. 

Lexi Reber | 2024 | Bryn Mawr School | Highlight Link

Commitment: Syracuse

Flying 20: 2.37 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 11 in

Vertical: 28 Inches

Evaluation: Lexi is a playmaker and a defensive stalwart, widely thought to have shown as the top defender at camp. Her speed on the clears was unmatched and her attention to detail in the drills makes it evident why she is widely considered one of the top defensive prospects in the class. A strong athlete who is disciplined in her footwork, angles and slide decisions. She can continue to improve off ball play and as she looks to be even more of a threat in transition, her impact will only grow. She will be an immediate impact and future leader for the Orange.

Carson Didden of City, State | Oak Knoll | Highlight Link

Commitment: Notre Dame

Flying 20: 2.52 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 7 in

Vertical: 21.5 Inches

Evaluation: As a defender, not standing out sometimes is a sign of not getting beat often and limiting mistakes. That's Carson for us, and the more you watch, the more you appreciate her defensive play. She applies great pressure and steps up on hands. Her footwork is consistent and she communicates well and can play apart of a broader defensive system. She's a great pickup for the ND Irish.

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Elizabeth Gonnella | 2024  | Darien HS  | Highlight Link

Commitment: Princeton

Flying 20: 2.73 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 11 in

Vertical: 19.5 Inches

Evaluation: Elizabeth was noticeably a top goalie at BIC. Returning from summer, she made a lot of saves and tough saves in drills and the game. She utilizes her length well. She pulled out some big point blank saves on fast breaks and crease rolls in gameplay. She is consistent, holds her positioning well, and patient. She plays an athletic style outside of the cage also. She's a threat with high IQ ability to read and intercept passes, and handles the clearing game with poise. 

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Susan Radebagh | 2024 | St. Paul's School for Girls | Highlight Link


Flying 20: 2.75 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 0 in

Vertical: 19.5 Inches

Evaluation: Susan is a great communicator in cage and brings a great energy and charisma to the position. Her strongest spot was her ball stopping ability in tight. Her technique is efficient and showed quick hands on low shots whether the shooter was in tight or far out. Susan has a ton of upside as she continues to focus on her craft and fine tune her arc play.

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