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FCL Circle is our new online community for coaches, players and parents. 

Join fellow lacrosse coaches, players, and parents in an online community designed to foster connections, share insights, and navigate the lacrosse landscape together.


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Join Our Online Community.

Circle is our new online community
for players and parents of lacrosse players.

Join fellow lacrosse players and parents in an online community designed to foster connections, share insights, and navigate the lacrosse landscape together. 


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A Community For Growth 

This is a community platform empowering players and parents to better understand lacrosse, share ideas, and push their knowledge forward.

🏁 Providing a singular hub for comprehensive lacrosse development, growth, and player & parent networking.

πŸ› οΈ Built for players and parents to connect and better navigate their lacrosse experience.

πŸ” Unlock premium content and direct access to player and parent-focused content.

This Is For You If

πŸ’«  You are a player or parent who desires to learn from peers, help others grow, share insights, and expand your network with like-minded players or parents. 

πŸ“₯ You are a player or parent who wants access beyond our social media and weekly emails, seeking further guidance, connection, and exclusive resources.

πŸ”₯  You are committed to actively participating in discussions, helping your fellow members, and uplifting the lacrosse community.

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So What's Next?

πŸ“€ Click the appropriate link below for players and parents.

πŸ” Create a profile and explore the community.

πŸ‘‹ Become an active participant and access premium resources.

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For Players and Parents

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Gain access to our Basic library:

βœ… All Free features (must create a free Circle account)

βœ… Library of 500+ lacrosse drills, breakdown videos, and webinars updated monthly

βœ… Drills for players to learn and develop effective technique

βœ… For players of all levels, content includes offensive and defensive sections

βœ… Resources for players to sharpen up with their own off season training and development skills

βœ… Certain recorded webinars and breakdowns of a wide array of lacrosse strategies and topics

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βœ… Training and study resources group with team drills, breakdowns, and practice plans updated 2x/mo

βœ… Recruiting resources group with templates, guides, and other resources updated 2x/mo

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Why Should You Subscribe?

Live, Engaging, Content & Network

We have spent the last 5 years building up a massive content library of drills, tips, film breakdowns, and webinars. Through this process we have learned how to create valuable content, but also that an online resource needs to do more. Our Community is the next evolution of our online platform. It is built from learnings and feedback from our prior experiences.
This is not just a static content platform, but rather a live and engaging community of people that want to grow. Coaches that want to provide ultimate value to their teams. Dedicated players who want to be their best. Supportive parents who want to help those players along the way. 
Our live monthly webinars hosted by college coaches will provide cutting edge insight into what the brightest minds in the sport are currently doing. Our FCL staff will be regularly contributing additional coaching, parent, and player resources for members. Lastly, and most importantly, you will expand your network by engaging with other like-minded members of your community.

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