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Best In Class Standouts: Boys 2026

Best In Class Standouts: Boys 2026

The Class of 2026 returned for its second BIC experience. Many returners impressed while some newcomers burst onto the scene. Let's take a look at who is primed to make a run for the Best In Class headed into their big recruiting years! 

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47 lucas garcia | brunswick | primetime

Garcia showed explosiveness and poise operating from X. He's a 2-handed threat willing to drive upfield and create shots. He can facilitate and strikes a nice balance of creating for others and being an alpha. He's versatile and positionless, but did most of his damage from behind the cage at BIC. His COD and stickwork are strong points of his game and he's poised to fill a huge void in the Brunswick offense in spring 2024 with many seniors graduating.

142 GABE moore | phillips exeter | laxachusetts

A tough, grind it out righty. Physical on his dodges, Moore has good vision. Was a consistent threat in games and has a lot of potential as he keeps developing his decision making. Can finish on the run sweeping or up the hash & in tight. He and his brother Ethan are primed to make a big impact as sophomores in New England.  

77 ETHAN moore | phillips exeter | laxachusetts

Moore was one of the strong lefties at BIC. He can dodge from below GLE or the wings & has great athleticism. He turns topside well and can stretch a defense. As he keeps picking his spots to attack, he is going to be a positionless threat as he keeps progressing through HS. 


Thurlow made an impact as one of the true "X" type attackman at BIC. So smart and skilled, Thurlow was a coach's dream with and without the ball. Always willing to sneak pipes, he still created his own shots and quarterbacked from behind the cage. 



Cristo drew a PLL player comp in Stephen Rehfuss immediately. Wearing #29 was the start, but his hesitations and change of direction made him a tough cover. The lefty was always working to get his strength and was comfortable with contact. The wing is his sweet spot and as he gets stronger, he is going to be a tough matchup for opposing defenses with his skill and IQ. 

85 dom markovich | boys' latin | annapolis hawks

Jitterbug type midfielder who can bring it on the run. Played fast & demonstrated quick decision making. Was a great teammate over the 2 days, picking his spots well but also clearing space and working off others. High compete levels. 

37 max mcbride | darien hs | express north

McBride stood out as a spark plug type, 2 way middie. He possesses elite speed and has great pop out of his dodges. Can win matchups, demonstrating ability to score with his right hand. Very tough/strong for his size. Highly capable on the defensive side of the ball as well & loved to compete.

18 max bushaw | southlake carroll hs | mad dog national

Max was a dominant presence all week. He showed great leadership at the midfield, getting the team settled down and making others better. What impressed most was his consistency, always seeming to get to his spot and generating a great shot. If he didn't get the initial shot out of his move, his ability to bounce and re-dodge was excellent. He is a dog on defense as well. One of the top middies at the event overall & possessed a great stick & shot ability. 

138 cade sturdivant | montgomery bell academy | team 91 md

Cade was the best player overall on offense on his squad, and some thought to be a top 2 midfielder at the event. He has a different edge to him on offense and defense, and quickness that he showed off consistently. His compete was next level relative to peers. He can expand his IQ a bit in regards to how he uses his quickness in settled sets, but regardless, he dominated when he was on the field. 


15 justin bossolina | don bosco prep | towermen

Justin’s size, speed, and overall athleticism really stand out when you watch him play. His ability to cover ground and keep an active stick allows him to be very disruptive on ball carriers. He has the ability to match feet with some of the best dodgers on the field. I think Justin is just scratching the surface of his potential. He has shown the versatility to play both up top as an LSM and down low at close. As he continues to learn the best ways to utilize his talents and trust his abilities, he will emerge as one of the top poles in this class.

14 jackson bond | highland park | mad dog national

Jackson is a lefty close defender with good size and athleticism. I loved the way he played. The common theme that coaches noted about Jackson is that he is an extremely solid all around defender. He displayed great IQ and off-ball presence – in our small part drills, he was picking off passes regularly. Guys like Jackson don’t always pop-off the page right away, but the more you watch him the more you watch him, the more you notice his influence on the game. Teams need solid consistent defenders that do their job well and that is what Jackson Bond brings to the table.

88 nevan mckeely | loyola blakefield | team 91 md

Nevan has a quiet and reserved demeanor about him, but after watching him compete, nearly every coach on our staff noticed his impact on the field. He is not loud or flashy, but he plays extremely hard and has a mean streak to his game. Nevan showed he can cover the ball, move his feet well, and be physical when dodgers get into dangerous areas. He throws timely and hard checks, and competes like crazy for groundballs. He is a guy that every coach would want on their side. Nevan played as an LSM at the event and that feels like his natural position, however he covers well enough that you could use him for a match-up down low if needed.

127 wyatt stamnes | lawrencville | eclipse

Wyatt was excellent off the ground and in the middle of the field. He’s a lefty that moves well and is not afraid to push transition with the ball in his stick. That being said, he is not only an offensive-minded LSM. He showed an ability to cover the ball and be physical at times, but this is an area where he can continue to develop. His athleticism and skill give him the ability to be a very dynamic player. 


Jacob stood out the most of any pole in this class one off the start. His posture, presence, and physicality on the field made offensive players around him uneasy. He approached with his stick in front, broke down, and got into the gloves of offensive players. We also really liked his game feel – he understood how to clog space when off the ball which can be a tough thing for guys to grasp and execute.


One of the biggest middle of the field threats at BIC. Has a strong stick and good footwork on D, but made his biggest presence felt pushing transition and in the offensive end across multiple games. Excited to see him keep pushing the envelope as an LSM.



Blake had a great event and really put himself on the map in the 2026 class. A goalie that knows his game and does a phenomenal job of getting shooters to shoot to his strengths, he makes plenty of inside saves that he shouldn’t. Gobbled up in tight shots in 2v1 finishing. A name to watch in the class.


Patrick is an outstanding individual and one of the hardest working goalies there is. He’s always asking questions about his play to see if there's something he can add to his game. The Culver product played extremely well over the 2 day stretch and showed why he is one of the best goalies in this class. His lacrosse IQ not only shows with how he makes shooters struggle, but with how efficient he is in the clear and in scramble situations.


One of the best pure ballstoppers especially for his age. Taylor is extremely patient and waits for shooters to show their hand then makes all of his movement directly to the ball. Holmes can throw a variety of outlet passes which will help him a ton at the next level. He is an extremely calming presence to a defense and does not get to high or too low emotionally, which is a great sign for his future in net. 


65 Joseph Kim | Gilman School | Crabs Lacrosse

Kim, a product of the Gilman School, showed great speed off the whistle. He showed his ability to counter and create loose groundballs when he didn't win the initial move. Kim stole back many impressive face-offs on top of the ones he won cleanly. This accompanied by his skillful groundball play and ability to run the break were a great combination during the week for Kim.

145 AJ yeung | Holderness | NH Tomahawks

Yeung, the Holderness product, was a brute force at the X. His strength and tenacity on the field was monumental in his play throughout the week. His ability to work well with his wings regarding when and where to place the ball when he did win cleanly is something that, at times, set him apart from the rest of the field.

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