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A Tool For All Levels

Our goal is to provide the resources necessary for all players to take the next steps in development to accomplish their goals. We offer in-person training sessions around the country where we focus on the fundamental skills that make great defensive players. Stick checking, sliding, off ball play, IQ and defensive concepts are crucial to our understanding and development. In addition, we offer a digital platform for coaches, players and parents on Circle. A comprehensive training tool, Circle is a guide for players at all levels. Additionally, we also mentor players through our Athlete Program. 

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Training Methodology

We generally believe a two-pronged approach of skill-specific training (ideally, in person) and film review to help players build a higher lacrosse IQ is an effective method to develop players. Consistency is so important in player development. None of our drills or development tools are intended for “one and done” usage; but rather, we aim to give players in our ecosystem a path to improvement through consistent drilling of the fundamental traits that are so important. Our methodology is derived from the off-season player development at the college-level that our staff benefited greatly from in their Division 1 playing days. We believe doing simple things at consistently at high levels makes great players.

We empower players to:

  • Use proper form and positioning to win their matchups
  • Know how and when to approach their matchup
  • Be a leader on the defensive end, organizing their teammates to play great team defense
  • Be a force in both on-ball and off-ball defense
  • Have a clear understanding of different offensive schemes and tactics
  • Handle/clear the ball with confidence

The Objective

FCL Defense aims to develop players into complete defenders. Each player has their own unique strengths and abilities. We aspire to give players all the tools to reach the peak of their potential. We focus on communicating as much as covering the ball; sliding as much as defending passing lanes. We want to put perspective around what it means to be a great defender – how to add the most value to your team. Some guys may need to develop their on-ball covering technique and angle play, while others may need to double down on the skill-set necessary to be the “glue guy”. We want players to have a complete and comprehensive understanding of defense and have the ability to fulfill multiple roles.

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