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New Commitments from Best In Class Standouts: Boys 2025

New Commitments from Best In Class Standouts: Boys 2025

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We are a little over a month since 9/1, the start of the recruiting period for rising juniors. Check out some of the biggest commitments from BIC attendees and what they'll bring to the table for their college programs!

Latest commitments


44 Anthony Drago | West Essex HS | BBL | COMMITTED TO: Duke

Anthony came in and was a commanding presence. Certainly one of the more eye catching prospects at BIC, he initiated from several spots, showed ability to get his hands free, and ability to stretch the defense and finish in tight. He was dynamic and was one of the first names college coaches were mentioning on the sidelines throughout the 2 days. We see him being a versatile offensive prospect above and below GLE, and we felt he had great balance of making plays but also swinging the ball and letting it come to him. 

Anthony Drago Commitment Graphic

94 Nathaniel Mason | Milton academy | 3d NE | COMMITTED TO: Georgetown

Mason came back for his 2nd year and picked up right where he left off. He is shifty, and has explosive COD. Coaches noted his feel for the game and he has great playmaking ability. He's not afraid to be physical and attack matchups, and can create his own shot. 

Natty Mason Commitment Graphic

108 Michael Ortleib | malvern prep | hhh | COMMITTED TO: Duke

Ortleib burst into day 2 and caught eyes right away. He displayed elite decision making, touch on his feeds, and ability finishing around the cage. One college coach notes that his game reminded him of Steele Stanwick. He's a smooth operator, strong athlete, and projects to be a great get for a high level D1 offense. One staff member noted how hard he rides, which is something every college coach wants to see out of their attack.  

Michael Ortlieb Commitment Graphic

82 Camp lacorazza | Mcdonogh | 3d NE/WCS | COMMITTED TO: Brown

Lacorazza has a varied offensive skill set and is a high IQ player. He puts himself in great scoring spots and can stretch with range or finish with finesse inside. There is going to be a school that finds a way to utilize his offensive skillset at attack or coming out of the box that will be very happy a few seasons from now. 

Camp Lacorazza Commitment Graphic



124 Seamus Riorden | shady side academy | hhh | COMMITTED TO: cornell

Riorden came back for his 2nd BIC camp and didn't disappoint. He has great size, great vision, and an awesome release with both hands. He changes direction well, and is a multi faceted midfielder. He was one of Team 3's best, if not best, player and coaches loved his versatility. One staff member compared him to a Jack Myers type but at the midfield. Riorden is next up in a recent wave of strong offensive talent out of Shady Side Academy. 

Seamus Riordan Commitment Graphic

38 Luke Danna | orchard park | florida crabs | COMMITTED TO: Penn State

Danna made marked improvements each session across the 2 days. A lefty with a quick burst, and ability to score or feed. He was highly coachable and is a slick player. He's going to fit very well into a position-less college offense. 

Luke Danna Commitment Graphic


Martin certainly passes the eye test when it comes to college ready midfielders. He's physical and a strong athlete. His strong RH shot was on display and he dodges with power. As he continues to fine tune his offensive skillset, he's a midfielder we see colleges getting excited about potentially using in different ways. 


136 Parker Sorenson | culver academy | mad dog | COMMITTED TO: Johns Hopkins

Sorenson may have been the most complete defender at the event. He did a great job covering the ball and was very patient and disciplined, but his off-ball play really stood out. Not many guys at this level hold an off-ball stance and communicate at the level that Parker does.

Parker Sorenson Commitment Graphic

27 Gaetano Cicotello | gonzaga hs | next level | COMMITTED TO: Yale

Gaetano is excellent off the ground and in the middle of the field. He was patient on dodgers, but not afraid to take body and make contact when the opportunities present themselves. Coaches loved how he competed like crazy after ground balls. He has great feet and great hands which show in how he plays. 

Gaetano Cicotello Commitment Graphic


Every coach on our staff brought up how Will stood out over the course of the event. He has great speed as illustrated by running the fastest flying 20 at the combine (2.07 seconds), but what really stood out was his motor and effort. He was making plays all over the field - causing turnovers, getting ground balls, pushing the ball in transition, and scoring goals. He had a major impact on the field. Not many players wanted to dodge Will and everyone heard him communicating throughout drills.


96 Matt Mckane | marin academy | wcs | COMMITTED TO: Notre Dame

Matt is an elite goalie in the 2025 class. Extremely athletic which quick hands makes for a deadly combo and someone who can change the momentum of a game with one shot. He’s extremely smart on the field which allows him to help his defense give up shots he wants to see, and that’s something not many HS goalies can do. Definitely a name to watch for on the next level.

Matt McKane Commit Graphic




Zach blew the doors off of the combine with impressive numbers. Was dominant on day one varying between clamps and rakes with a lot of success, and is a vacuum off of the ground on ground balls. Zach finished top 5 in each combine test. 

49 Kyle Hata | choate school | COMMITTED TO: Maryland

Big and athletic with a Nonstop motor. Thrived with a powerful Clamp plunger and varied his exits. A couple stance tweaks and he will be a D1 caliber face off man easily. Always sprinted on and off the field. His complete level is tremendous.

Kyle Hata Commitment Graphic

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