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Best In Class Standouts: Girls 2025

Best In Class Standouts: Girls 2025
Best In Class came back for Year 2 of our Women's Events, with our 2nd rising junior event. The 2025's came in hot. This class is deep. Many college coaches were commenting on the depth and the quality of players through the 2 days. Despite the rain, coaches braved the elements to watch and recruit on day 1, and day 2 dried off indoors the Chase Fieldhouse. Over 40 schools attended through the week. 

Let's take a look at a few standouts that stood out to the BIC staff.



61 alexa spallina | mt. sinai | yellow jackets spallina

Spallina came in and found her groove every session of BIC. She is a high IQ player with high vision, often looking to make others around her better. She displayed her skill with a few BTB goals at the island, and isn’t afraid to take chances. She picks her spots and has poise with the ball. She has the makings of a quarterback type that an offense can build around at the next level. 

158 grace winkler | ridgefield hs | primetime

Winkler turned heads amongst a strong group of lefties. She is shifty with a quick burst, and has a knack for finishing in front of the goal and getting to the net. Her combine performances reaffirmed the athleticism that coaches saw, finishing in the top group in all 3 exercises. She made her mark as one of the top offensive prospects in the class. 

115 ella peers | fairport | Monster Elite

Peers, another lefty, displayed her high IQ and ability to get hands free and make great feeds. She consistently finishes plays and plays with poise. She is going to be a dynamic next level attacker. 

78 lily kondas | fairport | Monster Elite

A dynamic, high energy player, Kondas has high D1 athleticism.  She's a threat on the draw. Has the ability to feed from low. She can make you pay as a dodger from the wings and as a picker. She goes hard to the net but plays with high IQ and picks her spots. 

37 maddie egan | bb&n | mass elite red

Egan was one of the most skilled players at the event. Day 1 she fired in an incredible BTB feed, and she has a slick skillset to her game. She has a Kayla Treanor or Michelle Tumolo esque handle to her game. She plays the pick game with high IQ, and can constantly get her hands up to feed or shoot out of a windup position. Very engaged and thoughtful about reading the field and taking feedback. She is going to be a sought after lefty come September 1. One of the best attackers at the event. Great dodger from X. IQ and vision is next level. Improve on decision making!

101 ava meyn | bayport blue-point | YJ spallina

One of the more next level ready attackers at the event. Great dodger from X and leans on her defender well. Great height to read over top the D combined with her High IQ gives her next level vision. As she hones her decision making she has a chance to be special.



35 mairyn dwyer | the agnes irwin school | nxt

Dwyer impressed with her hustle and grit. Scrappy and hard nosed, she played tough on ball D, swarmed every groundball and was a threat between the 30s. She was an impact player for her squad and has a great defensive stance and applies great contact. 

116 megan rocklein | lake forest hs | team one wildcat

Rocklein impressed with the all-out effort all over the field. Smart and skilled on offense and defense. Scrappy in the midfield. She was a joy to watch and is one of those get-it-done type of midfielders that a college coach is going to be thrilled to lock down.

80 uma kowalski | Sparta hs | Steps NJ

Kowalski was one of the more dynamic downhill players. Strong on the circle and capable of winning draws, Kowalski demonstrated a strong split dodge and power to release shots from range. She played with high compete and has great presence on the field. 

115 quinn whitaker | episcopal academy | hhh

Whitaker is a standout do it all midfielder out of Philly. She did it all in 2 days and made it seem very effortless. She attacks the cage hard with purpose and control. Off ball she set up her cuts well. She applies pressure in the ride and gives no easy clears to the opposing D. She's scrappy on D and word is she has potential to be a big time dual sport athlete. 

65 caroline hoskins | St. paul's school for girls | skywalkers

Hoskins is the ultimate 2 way midfielder. She showed strong 1v1 defense, scraps on the circle, and makes a lot of hidden plays on the offensive end that many overlook. Coaches were impressed with her compete levels and coachability. She has that "yes coach" mentality that gets the job done. Her off ball cutting and timing stood out, and overall left many staff members impressed.

105 lexi mullahy | cardinal gibbons (NC) | HHH

Lefty player that was versatile and could play attack and mid. She was tenacious on the redefend and possesses excellent vision. Attacks hard to cage with both hands. Sneaky on the backside as a cutter. Never stops moving wherever she is on the field. 



4 zara allen | mcdonogh school | skywalkers

Very athletic player with good IQ. Got better every session. Great job in clear - can do it herself or work together with teammates. The timing and execution of her checks accelerated her impact. The more you watch her the more you know she will be a high caliber recruit. 

118 delaney poindexter | the covenant School | cavlax elite

Poindexter caught the eyes of our defensive coaches and had some buzz ending the 2 days. A high level athlete who could play lock down 1v1 D. Her matchups failed to have much success, and she has a great trajectory and upside. 

81 jordyn krafchick | bayard rustin hs | nxt

Krafchick was one of the grittier defenders at camp. Constantly applying high pressure, she has fantastic footwork and keeps discipline while getting into attackers space. She can recover well and match change of direction moves. Someone you could imagine being an on ball nuisance for an attacker. Plays a similar game to recent Terrapin Abby Bosco. 

79 gracie kothari | garrison forest School | m&d

Had an excellent 2 days at camp. So aggressive on defense without fouling. Possessed many groundballs and used her speed to clear. One of the things that separated her as a defender was her decision making on sliding and when to send doubles. She was opportunistic and often paid off. 

19 emma brown | bayport-blue point | li yellow jackets

Brown is a tough, athletic defender. She played with laser focus and intensity. Good communicator. Helped push ball in transition and has a good stick. She blankets attackers and you barely notice attackers she is covering. 

127 Avery saviano | severna park hs | m&d black

Highly skilled and big time speed. Had no fear working 1v1 in space on an island. She jumped at the opportunity to play the best attacker on opposing teams that way. College coaches are going to want to rewatch this film. She really excels at ground balls and can solo clear. Her elite communication and ability to slide makes her the total package as a team defender.

58 sofia herrera | st. paul's school for girls | m&d black

Thought could only play 1 day due to injury, Herrera made her presence felt immediately with her loud & crisp communication. She rotates well, gets out and pressures, and has the confidence in her 1v1 matchups to recover and play in space. She's the type of defender a defense needs more of to cover a strong attack unit. 


83 alexa lang | colorado academy | Team 180

Alexa catches your attention off the bat with how she plays with heart and passion. She gets excited about the little things on the field. She takes chances and doesn't look back if they don’t go her way with the ability to quickly reset. Her hands are speedy and she plays around with a high arc. She keeps the attackers guessing. She is poised in the clearing game and comfortable outside the net. She's not afraid to take chances on intercepts and plays outside of the crease.

62 grace holland | episcopal academy | hhh

Holland's calling card is her ball stopping ability. She allows her athleticism to show when she is playing. She understands about reading the body of a shooter and makes big saves. Her 1v1 during the games was textbook. She directed the defense in front of her in a mature and efficient way that allowed her to see the type of shots she has a chance of saving. She rounds it out well with poise in the clearing game. 

112 ceci patterson | new caanan hs | ct grizzlies

Very athletic! She is a one of a kind goalie who plays a bunch of fun style she can be patient at times and then willing to take chances at other times. On low shots she really sells out by throwing her whole body down. She has a great stance that allows her to be athletic. Her clears are quick and well placed. She's in line to be another coveted goalie recruit out of Fairfield County.

32 tessa deluca | maryvale | M&D Black

Deluca is strong and steady. She's a lefty goalie that really understood the angles. She is strong in the clearing game and can throw it past midfield to start the offense. Isn’t afraid of pressure outside of the goal circle.


44 allison fling | garrison forrest | skywalkers

One of the stronger draw takers in the class. Very good in the circle - can self draw or pop out to teammates accurately. Communicates well here. Worked great off ball as an attacker also. 

125 mary sack | Rye HS | Sound lacrosse

Great draw taking abilities. She showed she was able to win it to herself or her teammates on the circle. Possessed high level effort and hustle.


We hope you found this helpful. We started First Class Lacrosse because we believe in the power player development. We believe you can get exponentially better if you combine a great work ethic with the guidance of knowing what to work on and how to do it. Luckily, we experienced it firsthand as players and coaches. Our goal is to pass on what we have learned and experienced to future generations of lacrosse players, parents, and coaches. Join our Email List here.

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