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Best In Class Standouts: Boys 2027

Best In Class Standouts: Boys 2027
The Class of 2027 is headed into high school and there isn't a better way to physically and mentally prep for what it's going to take at the next level than BIC.  

These 2027's stood out a bit above the rest as they underwent 2 days of training and games. Applications our open for the Class of 2027 Summer 2024 event and our Fall Showcase has limited spots left. Let's dive in!


113 TJ Shaw | boys' latin | maddog national

Shaw had a great camp and has a ton of skill. He is a slick lefty that plays tough. He has a smooth underhand shooting stroke and can distribute from multiple angles. One of his more memorable plays was how he rode the ball back and led to a goal. Stood out as one of the best riders from the attack position as well. 

13 james brimhall | st. mary's | annapolis hawks

Brimhall showed flashes of excellence and elite playmaking ability. Though he was playing a bit banged up, his pace of play & decision making were a cut above. He can play top down, from the wings, and bottom up and has a strong lefty stick. One of my favorite takeaways from the 2 days was that James would take a coaching point, attempt to implement right away, and not fear making a mistake. He pushed his creativity and battled both days.

103 nate randles | yorktown hs | madlax

Nate was all around the best offensive player on his team. He never pressed, picked his spots, and made them count. He was balanced in feeding the ball, as well as turning the corner with both hands. He has a pop in his step that just seemed one step above everyone else. His next step is to be more aggressive, and recognize how good he really is!

126 harrison tyler | marin catholic | advnc & wcs

Tyler was a consistent operator at X for his team. He is a smooth 2 handed player and was comfortable turning the corner and creating his own shot. He sees the field well and often makes the right plays. Tyler has nice COD and footwork and will continue to develop into a playmaker role as he gets stronger physically & keeps developing his killer mentality. 

132 nolan wieczorek | massapequa hs | team 91 machine

Nolan has the frame and skill to become a big time player at the HS & collegiate level. Very coachable & he did a great job all weekend at using his body to get around defenseman on an inside roll or topside finish. Teams are quick to slide to Nolan, so as he improves ability to feed out of the island, he will be a tough cover. 

112 donovan shaughnessy | thayer academy | laxachusetts

Shaughnessy displayed strong decision making and control with the ball. Uses his frame well and gets to his spots and gets shots off at the island. Strong hands & can release in different angles. Draws comparisons to a Grayson McClements type frame who made a big BIC impact at Committed and our first 2023 event.  He is only going to expand as a playmaker as he develops more moves in space as well.


140 michael steer | calvert hall | team 91 md

Steers' speed catches your eye, but the way he balances his own looks with playing the game of lacrosse is beyond his years. He dominated his matchups off the dodge, but he also recognized the times to move it and hit singles, something the staff was continuing to emphasize. He is strong in transition and has great feet on on Ball D. His effort & hustle all over the field was next level.

104 james riches | valor christian | kings lacrosse

Riches was catching eyes as one of the most 2 way, do-it-all threats at the event. He plays strong on ball D & plays with a high motor and next level compete. He also made his presence felt on the offense side, showing ability to separate and make good simple decisions. Riches is going to be a Colorado athlete to watch the next few years. 

12 jack borg | deerfield | madlax

Stud athlete. Smart decision maker who plays with a ton of energy that rubs off on his teammates. A quarterback of the offense and played great defense. Jack is a 2 way threat that projects very well in his upcoming high school years. He wanted to be coached up and push his game both days. 

76 brad mallory | eaglebrook school | eclipse & red hots National

Mallory was an impressive threat from the midfield. The other of just 2 guys to place in the top group for each combine exercise, Mallory showed he's a 2 handed threat from up top. He picks his spots well, gets hands free and can put heat on it on the run. 

98 Luke Perriello | brunswick school | 2way

Perriello really took off on day 2 of BIC. He is a legitimate 2 way athlete. Not overly big, but has speed and plays with aggression. He has a great defensive stance and sits down well when covering the ball. On the offensive end, he showed the ability to get his right and stick multiple shots. High motor type guy.



3 Leif Anderson | Brunswick | eclipse

Leif had a great two days and was one of the better defenders in the 2027 class. He has good range and athleticism which allows him to cover the ball well and push the ball in transition. At times he over pursued dodgers when covering, but he demonstrated great coachability. Leif was able to implement suggestions from coaches in his next reps. In general he just brought great energy to every rep, every drill, and each game. His energy and love for the game was felt by everybody at the event.

144 logan mccaffrey | comsewogue hs | team 91 machine

Logan was all around impressive to our staff. He has a great stick and made some nice plays on ground balls and pushing transition. He also has an awesome on-ball presence. His approaches were disciplined, his posture was great, and he understood how to play angles and cover. Dodgers struggled to get by Logan all week.

46 griffin hamner | highland park | texas nationals & mad dog national

While Griffin has great size and athleticism which help him on the ball, what stood out the most was Griffin's communication and ability to be a leader on his defense. Stepping up in events like this are not always easy for guys, and the coaches noticed how Griffin was able to communicate and take charge of his unit which is a great skill for any defender to have. Griffin was very solid on the ball as well, but there is even more opportunity for him to be disruptive with ball carriers while learning to be disciplined and patient with dodgers.

96 max pasquale | marin catholic | Advnc

Though a bit undersized as a defenseman, Max was one of the best players at Best In Class. His ability to pick up the ball off the ground in congested areas and play physical against other attackmen was impressive. He ran up and down extremely well in transition. As he ramps up his communication and dictating O players on the ball, he is going to be a disruptive force in the class for the coming years. 



92 teddy oh | st. pius | adnvc & west coast starz

Teddy was electric all event. One of the best inside ball stoppers especially for his age. Teddy is an extremely smart with how he maneuvers around the cage, which allows him to never give a shooter the same look twice. His IQ helps him a ton in the clearing game and he is a great backbone of any defense. The west coast product is top goalie in this class.

56 roman ippoldo  | la salle | team 11 & nationals lc

Roman is extremely efficient in how he plays, which allows his athleticism to really take over and make life tough for shooters. Can makes a lot of save consistently from outside, mid range, and inside plus does a great job of being able to push transition. Roman had multiple halves consistently saving and stealing shots. A top goalie in the 27 class and a name to look at the next level in a few years.

89 Nick Neavin | sewickley academy | red hots national & aa

Neavin is an extremely technical goalie who has a ton of athleticism. Does a great job over getting his entire body to low shots and uses his feet to make a lot of saves inside. Nick does a great job of keeping shooters guessing with a multitude of baits and does not lack confidence in his play. Lastly, Nick is a very smart communicator to his defense which helps a ton in scramble situations.



120 eli stephan | sewickley academy | Team 91 MD & red hots national

Stephan earned his team many possessions, whether that be from ground balls created or face off wins to himself. His ability to recognize the field and communicate with his teammates made for oppurtinity on the field. With good hand speed and athletic parlous, the face-off was a possession war not just a hand speed competition. His toolbox of moves has served him well and will continue to with his willingness to be coached and determination to win.

52 James Hedley | Charlotte catholic | 91 Carolina 

Hedley showed athleticism up and down the field this week. His ability to use his body to win the ball on top of his great hand speed was something that impressed. When he did not win the initial move he used bottom rail moves including rakes and counters showing his versatility at the position. The ability to recognize the play and the ground ball determination he showed was another piece of his success for this week. He was dominant at times for his squad and played with great energy. 



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