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The "S" Dodge!


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Last night at group training in a lacrosse "hotbed", I started speaking to my boys about the "S Dodge", under the assumption that they might have learned this terminology before. 

In the past, one piece of feedback shared during group training was that I "was teaching too much, and they need more reps". While I thought it was interesting, it has certainly caused me to assume that high level players know things, when in fact, all great players need to keep learning at the high school and college level.

Back to last night - none knew the "S Dodge". It comes at a convenient time because this week is about the S Dodge. This dodge creates the benefits of getting back to your strong hand and often getting the middle of the field. This is where the highest quality shots are taken. Additionally, it often benefits both speed dodgers AND physical dodgers. 

I think this dodge and concept is under taught and under utilized. It can be utilized in both the men's game and the women's game. For example, Ally Kennedy is one of the best "S Dodgers" with her speed. 

Earlier this fall we referenced multi sport crossovers. The S Dodge is very similar to "stacking" a defensive back as a football receiver, or holding a defender captive with a hostage dribble, as Chris Paul does here. You put the defender on your back and now you drive the bus, and maintain your advantage. 

Check out our breakdown below on the S Dodge, as well as a great stacking example in football! Use it this weekend and let us know how it goes!


Watch the Full 6-Minute 'S' Dodge Breakdown


- Coach Class


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