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Stick to Middle Feed

Stick to Middle Feed

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Last week, we discussed the power of the “S” Dodge and showed you some great examples and applications. This week, our focus has been around the “Stick to the Middle” feed.

The concept of getting your “stick to the middle” is one that is a newer revelation in the game in the past 5-10 yearsGetting your “stick to the middle” automatically increases your angle and can lead to better scoring chances. Even if you can’t 'S' Dodge under, you can pull your stick back and release higher percentage and deceptive shots in many scenarios.

The “Stick to the Middle” feed is another way to get defenders to commit, while still being ready to move it forward or through the defense. It takes a lot of skill to do it, but when you get more comfortable with the concept, I think players will be able to add this to their repertoire.

Want to take it next level? Last spring, I highlighted the “leaner” pass, mastered by Jeff TeatThis is the ultimate deceptive feed for those players who really push themselves to take the next step in their development.

Check out my full breakdown and below. Thanks for reading!


Watch the Full 6-Minute Stick to Middle Feed Breakdown



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