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Best In Class: Standouts 2021

Best In Class: Standouts 2021

After wrapping up our inaugural Best In Class event, we first and foremost want to thank the parents, players, staff & coaches who recruited for all their efforts. We have received some exciting feedback, and are excited to keep building!

At a recent event, one player came up to me and let me know that his teammate who attended said “it was the most fun I had playing lacrosse over the past month.” That is awesome. These boys competed hard, got better, and were so coachable. Love it!

We didn’t choose an All Star team at Best In Class. There was tons of talent and deserving players and this is bigger than just making an event ASG. However, we did want to shoutout a few standouts that impressed our staff with their play, their work ethic, and mentality.



9 Hunter Chauvette
The Lawrenceville attackman filled the back of the net both days in games and small sided work. The smooth lefty demonstrated goal scoring abilities off the catch and wasn’t afraid to use his body and take defenders to the rack. His ability to shoot from multiple release points, with deception & a quick release was impressive. We found Chauvette to be particularly crafty off ball - handling alot of tight feeds, and had a knack for finding space if he caught his defender looking away. We think of Chauvette to be one of the elite scorers in the 2023 class.



10 Jack Ponzio
Another lefty, the St. Anthony’s attackman operated with high IQ during camp. Scoring in different ways around the cage and off the catch, and delivering feeds on the stick to teammates, Ponzio is a well rounded offensive threat from Long Island. Team offense needs guys like Ponzio who can be flexible and play off different guys on ball, off ball, and in the pick game. We’re excited to see how Jack progresses.



7 Grayson McClements
The Nobles and 3D product demonstrated strong efforts off the dodge and great technique at the island. He made his mark with a slick BTB off the catch

He has a strong frame and a great attitude towards competing and being coachable. Tying Hunter Chauvette with 7 goals in 2 days in gameplay, McClements was aggressive in finding the back of the net.



61 Mark Marino
The Don Bosco attackman is a strong LH slasher type who is explosive out of the dodge. Mark impressed us with his athleticism and ability to get to the net. He did a nice job handling slides and dodging with poise while still in attack mode. Mark’s approach to camp was spectacular - hungry to compete and learn and it showed as his game progressed each session.


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62 Leo Hoffman
Come for the first step explosiveness, stay for the compete level and motor. One of the top midfielders in the class, Leo was up and down both days. Creating off the dodge, demonstrating vision and decision making in games & small sided play, and finishing with 4 goals on Day 2 in the scrimmages, Leo was all over the field. What continues to stand out is Leo’s effort level. He set the tone in training - going hard every rep, diving into the details with the staff, and determined to get better. He never takes a rep off and plays with a high motor. Leo is exciting to watch.



34 Ben Beachem
The San Diego midfielder and youngest brother of 2 D1 players, Beachem showcased his offensive prowess as a strong 2 handed dodger and initiator. He possesses the capability of sticking shots on the run and picking corners with his feet planted. Great athleticism and feel for the game, Beachem has great presence at the midfield. Beachem projects high for the class of 2023 in our eyes.



33 Anthony MacMullan
The Hill School midfielder is a hard nosed, 2 way athlete that impressed coaches from the beginning on Day 1. He’s aggressive and gets to the net, and can score goals in multiple ways, demonstrating some nice on the run shots and scoring off a cut. His physicality and toughness stands out as someone we think can make a big impact at the next level as your classic do-it-all midfielder.




78 Adam Nigrelli
The BC High defender showed up on Day 2, the day after a state championship appearance, and made his presence felt right away. Adam is a long and aggressive lefty that is constantly making plays. Adam hawked to timely doubles on roll-backs and pushed transition with speed. His size and speed are most noticeable, but his anticipation to time slides stood out as he constantly made dodgers pay for turning their backs in tight. He is a natural playmaker with an edge to him.



82 AJ Marsh
The rangy pole from the McDonogh School stood out from the start at BIC. AJ showed versatility with his ability to play both LSM and close. He was able to wreak havoc in the middle of the field, push transition, and lock down top attackmen throughout the event. His combination of skill, size, and speed make his presence felt on any field. His style exudes a nice balance of aggression and discipline, understanding when to pressure ball carriers vs sit back and be patient. Throughout the sessions, fewer and fewer dodgers chose to challenge AJ 1v1.



84 Brett Koopman
Brett has “cover guy” ability in addition to showing great instincts for GB’s and transition. He can come in off of the wing just as easily as he can sit behind the cage and match-up feet with a dodger. He has a strong base and uses his stick actively to pressure ball carriers without losing position. Brett is as capable of taking the ball away in open space as he is sitting down and playing strong fundamental defense. Brett’s versatility is impressive and he plays with a competitive, play-making, edge.



101 Charlie Hazard (LSM)
Charlie truly shines in the open field - he’s extremely natural off the ground and smooth with this stick. With impressive speed, and an even more impressive handle, Charlie consistently pushed transition throughout the event, split dodging short sticks, burying goals, and finding open players. His impressive transition and groundball play ought not to undermine his defensive ability. Charlie consistently covered top dodgers well - he has good feet and uses his stick well to disrupt shooters.




107 Connor Foley
Connor carries an air of confidence around him that is backed up with stellar play each and every time he touches the field. At BIC Foley showcased his abilities to make the big flashy 1-on-1 save in tight, while taking care of the deep and low angle attempts with ease. He is truly a top talent in the 2023 class.



115 Mike Ippoliti
Ippoliti looked college-ready at Best in Class. He possesses a formidable combination of elite hand speed and controlled patience, playing back on his line and holding his ground to not give up any cage. His play is consistent and more often than not he was the reason his team won games.



113 Matt Torrey
Torrey shot out of a cannon on game 1 of the Best in Class game play - making impressive save after save while also showcasing his speed out of the cage and control in the clear. Matt is clearly not afraid to take a shot off the body as he made multiple saves inside 5 yards using his chest, legs and arms. His ability to exceed under pressure bodes well for him at the next level.




120 Cal Girard
The Manhasset faceoff athlete was strong both days, making his mark with a 65% FO percentage, going 34/52 at the dot in 4 games. A compact and explosive athlete, He won 22 of his clamps, and scooped 17 GB’s himself. Girard also showed a willingness to compete hard in the small sided drills and displayed his athleticism & multi sport background beyond the draw circle. He gave great effort defensively and vision on offensive break scenarios.



118 Aj Reilly
Riley went 57% at the X winning 32/56 draws and 24 clamps. Riley hand speed was impressive and he showed great poise after earning possession in the middle of the field. He was by far the best communicator with his wings pre-face off, often setting them up so he had all the space he needed to win the ball in any direction. His offensive ability will be a bear to gameplan against as he enters the college ranks.



121 Colby Baldwin
Baldwin, the Scarsdale HS product, went 29/54 with a 53.7% FO percentage. Physically matured and dominant on the clamps, our stats had him winning the most clamps of the group at 27 and earning 18 GB’s on his own. He is an immediate threat to score off the draw. He runs regular midfield shifts at Scarsdale and is even on manup, displaying his versatility. He demonstrated a nice ability to win the ball backwards and leg it out on the clears versus riders.


We return with the 2023 Class August 9-10th, in WIlmington, DE. The Class of 2024 begins their first session with the BIC staff August 10-11th. We are excited to keep building and providing an unrivaled training environment for the top players in the coming classes.


We hope you found this helpful. We started First Class Lacrosse because we believe in the power player development. We believe you can get exponentially better if you combine a great work ethic with the guidance of knowing what to work on and how to do it. Luckily, we experienced it firsthand as players and coaches. Our goal is to pass on what we have learned and experienced to future generations of lacrosse players, parents, and coaches. Join our Email List here.

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