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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

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As we spend some time with family and friends during Thanksgiving, we want to take this Weekly Thought to briefly reflect and give our own thanks. 

Lacrosse is a beautiful game. It has done so much for us as a player and person that I cannot put into words via a newsletter. It is truly coming full circle for FCL. I can remember my dreams of playing in a Final Four, playing in college, and being the best I could be. I have been blessed with coaches, teammates, and friends I've had and made along the way.

Furthermore, the opportunity to turn my passion and obsession with this game into a full time "job" and get a chance to build a community has been one I will never take for granted. 

However, it can be too easy to get caught up in this world that we live in. We can get caught up in comparisons, rankings, "success", and being THE best. We can get caught up in what our friends are doing, what they are building, where they are committing, and what their sons & daughters are doing. When we get caught here, it is a tough place to be.

Today and this week I want to challenge you to gain some perspective. Think of how lucky you are to get to play that next tournament, in good health, especially with how common serious injuries are. Think of how lucky you are as a player, that your parents can afford you that next opportunity. Think of how lucky you are as a parent, and player, to get to share those car rides and travel weekends together. They are finite.

Think of how as a parent, you get to support your loved ones in pursuing their dreams and passions. Think of how lucky you are that your friend who you might be a bit jealous of because he/she committed or got ranked, is actually YOUR friend. 

Think of how lucky you are to play this beautiful game, when there are many who will never get that opportunity.  If you don’t have one of the above things, I simply challenge you to find the things you do have and are grateful. We will be doing the same!

We are grateful for this community and your support and trust in us. Wishing you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!



- Coach Class


Lacrosse Content of the Week: The Give and Go

Dana Dobbie at the Women's Best in Class Fall Showcase remarked how little players knew of the give and go and how effective it could be.

For me, the give and go was considered peak ball movement at a young age, but even now it can still be effective.

With deception, stick work, and straight hustle, the give and go can result in easy goals, and is seemingly seeing a resurgence across the field game at the highest levels these past few years.

For a more in-depth analysis, you can read the full blog here and watch the full film breakdown below.


We hope you found this helpful. We started First Class Lacrosse because we believe in the power player development. We believe you can get exponentially better if you combine a great work ethic with the guidance of knowing what to work on and how to do it. Luckily, we experienced it firsthand as players and coaches. Our goal is to pass on what we have learned and experienced to future generations of lacrosse players, parents, and coaches. Join our Email List here.

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