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First Class Lacrosse Notebook: Chesapeake & Rivalry

First Class Lacrosse Notebook: Chesapeake & Rivalry

Fall Ball 2022 kicked off this weekend with 2 great events and great weather at the Chesapeake Invitational & Rivalry events. You never know what you're going to get weather wise this first weekend! I was on hand to watch the 2025 and 2026 age groups that featured several great clubs and players. As the 2025s really begin their process, and the 2026s are 2 months into High School, let's take a look at some notes I collected on players over the course of the weekend.


Chesapeake / Rivalry



Emma Hrzich | Florida Select 2025  

High level playmaker. Operates in the low right to low right wing slot - consistently a threat to get topside, but also routinely gets under and not afraid to finish in front. Can facilitate through feeding as well. Strong stick work, one to keep an eye on. 

Roc Allen | Skywalkers 2025  |

Roc handles the ball below GLE with poise. Right handed but demonstrated an ability to turn the corner lefty which is key in my opinion. Can play the draw and dump game as a feeder or a finisher. 

Maggie Porter | M&D 2025  

Strong righty with speed, demonstrated good vision through the day and handles contact well. Played well within the unit and can get to the net with physicality. 

Annabell Adams | CT Grizzlies 2025  

Adams exploded with a strong second half performance after a tight first half where she created multiple assist opportunities and a highlight reel falling goal that was taken away due to the simultaneous whistle call. Adams came out with 3 and 1 in the second half by my tally. Scoring on an off ball cut, a finalizer from top center, and a left handed question mark coming up the right side from GLE, Adams has high level hands and multiple release points. Excited to see how she continues to progress. 

Grace Winkler | Primetime 2025 

Winkler, another high level lefty, demonstrated high level athleticism and versatility. Willing and able to compete for DC's on the circle, and facilitate a strong Primetime Attack, Winkler demonstrated a knack for producing. Willing to turn the corner aggressively and get topside on multiple occasions, as well as snap off feeds on the stick. Put up 2 and 1 alone in the second half of their first game of the day.

Peyton Rothfuss | Aces Elite 2026  

Strong righty attacker. Demonstrated a variety of moves including a bounce, and gets to the net. Willing to fire in feeds and facilitate from the low right wing. Nice speed and aggressiveness turning the corner. 





Sophia Stoltz | Capital Blue 2025  

Stoltz particularly stood out to me in the first game of the day. She has height and is a strong athlete. Left handed - has a strong shot on the run and gets her left. Plays physical as a dodger and in middle of field. One to keep an eye on.

Emma Pencyk | M&D 2025  

Pencyk plays with speed and aggression. A lefty with a non stop motor. Can create her own shot or play off ball. I think her versatility will serve her well in the middle of the field. 

Sienna Chirieleison | Hero's Green 2025  

Do it all midfielder for Hero's Green. Speed standouts and competes for every DC off the circle. Makes good decisions in open field and attacks the net hard. Can score off ball or off the dodge. 

Zoey Smith | Dewlax 2025  

A first half hat trick in one of the games I watched. Her quick-twitch explosiveness caught my eye in moves to the net. Scored once righty on the run, then reversed the move the next time for a lefty goal. Completed the hat trick with an off ball slip. Good hands and is scrappy, poised on the inside finishing. 

Gabby Lauretani | Primetime 2025

Quick and speedy midfielder, has a snappy shot and dodges hard. Demonstrated a nice shot on the run off a rollback, and strong decision making in the middle of the field. She pushes transition well and is confident with the ball in her stick. 

Charley Bacigalupo | Primetime 2025 

A smooth midfielder capable of playing two handed. Strong athleticism and body control in the middle of the field and off the dodge. Sees the field well and has good hands. Impressed with her poise off cuts to handle, avoid pressure and finish with the opposite hand.

Maria Bragg | M&D 2026 

Strong righty midfielder. Great speed in open field. Turned heads with a rifle of a pass to a cross crease cutter from the elbow off of a dodge. One to watch as she enters the HS ranks. 


Paige Feick | Skywalkers  2025  

Feick impressed with lateral movement and aggressiveness. Physical presence on ball, and anticipates well off it. Anchors a tough Skywalkers defense. 

Bromwyn Bolton | M&D 2025  

Strong right handed defender with great feet and positioning. Heads up and ready for breakouts in transition as well. Scrappy on the ground as well, look forward to seeing Bolton develop into a strong defensive prospect.

Brooke Bulkley | Primetime 2025 

Bulkley caught eyes early, she has great presence on the field. Great height for a defender and athleticism, she's aggressive and helps anchor a strong pressurized defense for Primetime that flies around and rotates well. 


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Tessa Deluca | M&D 2025  

Lefty goalie with great presence in net. Can stop ball well, but what I loved especially was her willingness to get the ball up and out off a save. Not afraid to spark transition. Excited to see her develop.

Ashley Egbert | Florida Select 2026 

Egbert stuck out on 2 different games with her saves in tight. Explosive to the ball and quick hands... anchored a strong Florida Select 2026 group which tied Hero's 2026s 5-5 after back to back saves at the buzzer.


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