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Best In Class: Girls 2024 Commitment Recap

Best In Class: Girls 2024 Commitment Recap

This past summer, we launched our first Best In Class Women's event. The talent, coaches, and recruiting aspects were top notch. 5 of the Top 10 ranked 2024s (by Inside Lacrosse) were in attendance, and competition was deep throughout.

We are always trying to set the bar higher for training experiences.

This past summer, we introduced a combine, with the goal of building metrics in a sport that often doesn’t incorporate data into recruiting decisions. We feel the more touch points and data points, the better when it comes to answering question marks! We performed over 400 combine evaluations this summer across our 4 events.

Over 80 of our attending athletes have committed (as of Nov 4th!), and we are excited to welcome many back for our December Committed event! Next summer, we will host 2026's and 2025's! 

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We were able to provide evaluations to all attending players, which they received following the event comprised of recruiting notes and/or some points of emphasis to improve.Take a look at some of our evaluations of a few standouts below from our staff!




Molly Guzik, Midfield

Commitment: Syracuse University

Flying 20: 2.36 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 4 in

Vertical: 23 inches

Evaluation: Great stick, one of the top midfielders and overall players at the event. Guzik displayed great vision and feel for the game, while operating with a smoothness and ease. Always locked in ready to compete. Quick feet, impact player on the draw. Continue to set the bar high for yourself!

Draws - definitely one of the most technically sound drawers at event. Can consistently pop the ball to her space and collect. Great switch up between draws and is dynamic from one stance so she’s impossible to scout. An area to improve is communication with circle players in order to direct a box out to a more productive area. 


Madison Rassas, MIdfield

Commitment: University of Notre Dame

Flying 20: 2.38 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 1 in

Vertical: 19 inches

Evaluation: One of top players at event with high upside. Great stick on inside finishes, high IQ and athletic player. Hard worker, impressed staff with play and strong both O and D (not to mention this sick BTB below). Great timing and setting up of cuts off ball. Continue to work on dodging/redodging moves and finding ways to keep growing your craft!




Alyssa Chung, Midfield 

Commitment: Naval Academy

Flying 20: 2.56 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 feet, 2 inches

Vertical: 23.5 inches

Evaluation: Has a really strong shot and plays big. Demonstrated strong hands and playmaking ability. Did a great job riding and had a few great interceptions. Lefty but still has a strong right, showed love and passion for game. High motor, plays with creativity and flare. Turns the corner and gets to the net at an elite level (as seen here).


Eliza Osburn, Midfield

Commitment: University of North Carolina

Flying 20: 2.31 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft, 2 in

Vertical: 23.5 inches

Evaluation: Incredible two way middie. Great speed and IQ. Has a knack for the goal and finding the ball. Grinds between the 30s ... one of the top players at the event, dynamic, explosive off the draw, dodges well and smart player. A threat to score off ball too. Excited to see how Eliza continues to push herself to be great!


Mileena Cotter, Midfield

Commitment: Syracuse University

Flying 20: 2.54 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 feet

Vertical: 19.5 inches

Evaluation: fully personable, GRITTY and disciplined. standing out all over the field ... Mileena has been a standout 2 way performer. Her defense has continued to impress, moving her feet well while staying disciplined. She scores in a multitude of ways, but keeps eyes up to feed. Plays with a high passion for the game. Excited to see how Mileena continues to develop off ball as well to complement her on ball skillset!


Caroline Byrd, Attack

Commitment: University of Michigan

Flying 20: 2.48 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft

Vertical: 25 inches

Evaluation: Strong takes to cage, patient with the ball/decision making, coachable with the left hand. Made rapid progress taking feedback on attacking cage and turning corner from X. Strong IQ and grasp of offensive concepts! Strong upside as an attacker.


Claire Ratke, Midfield

Commitment: Northwestern University

Flying 20: 2.68 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 4 in

Vertical: 22.5 inches

Evaluation: Athletic midfielder who can attack and get to net and also get her own shot. Makes good decisions in middle of field and her feeding ability was on display as well. Shot selection will be a focus to continue to evolve but love athleticism and think she's going to develop into a nice prospect!


Devin Livingston, Midfield

Commitment: University of Maryland

Flying 20: 2.45 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 11 in

Vertical: 21 inches

Evaluation: Devin has presence all over the field, speedy and disciplined stickwork, really talented ... One of the best players at the event. 2 way ability, athletic, and high IQ lacrosse player. Hustles to get ahead of the ball and runs in transition well. Turns the corner hard off the dodge, places shots well and plays with a quiet intensity and high compete level.


Zoe Martin, Attack

Commitment: University of Michigan

Flying 20: 2.44 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 11 in 

Vertical: 22.5 inches

Evaluation: Zoe's finishing and hands were on display at BIC. She times cuts well and is active on the ride. Works well in pick play and played with high energy throughout the 2 days. She has some of the best hands in the class and played with high energy. Continue to work on leaning into defenders on dodging opportunities!


Hanna Davis, Attack

Commitment: Boston College

Flying 20:  2.6 seconds

Broad Jump:  6 ft, 2 in 

Vertical: 18 inches

Evaluation: Strong left handed playmaker. Tough to cover, high IQ, versatile on left wing. Has high level hands and always ready to feed or attack. High level COD that will continue to develop. Excited to see how she develops in the pick game as well. Will be a highly touted recruit.



Commitment: Harvard University

Flying 20: 2.66 seconds

Vertical: 21 inches

Evaluation: Excellent attacker, plays with speed. Quick and has a great stick. Dodges hard and gets to the island every time. Accurate shooter. Makes a difference on the ride - caused multiple turnovers in Day 1 games on the ride back. Was one of the more standout attackers with a ton of upside!



Commitment: Duke University

Flying 20: 2.42 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 11 in 

Vertical: 25 inches

Evaluation: Strong, athletic defender. Paci was one of the top defenders and played well on and off ball. Great stance and positioning and communicated well in the pick games. Competes hard and is strong. Think she's going to be a great get for many college programs out there!



Commitment: University of Virginia

Flying 20: 2.54 seconds

Broad Jump: 6 ft, 5 in 

Vertical: 21 inches

Evaluation: Has great presence on D, made a lot of big plays in scrimmages, can run the ball up the field confidently. Strong stick in the clears. High IQ and athletic. Processes slide decisions at a high level. Can tell she is ready for big time matchups!


Charlotte Morton, Goalie

Commitment: University of Southern California

Flying 20: 2.63 seconds

Broad Jump: 7 ft

Vertical: 21.5 inches

Evaluation: Moves extremely well in the cage. Athletic and explosive in cage. Her off side hip is incredible. Sometimes a little jumpy in tight should be moving side to side instead. Once she is set is lights out. Potential to be top goalie in class.



We hope you found this helpful. We started First Class Lacrosse because we believe in the power player development. We believe you can get exponentially better if you combine a great work ethic with the guidance of knowing what to work on and how to do it. Luckily, we experienced it firsthand as players and coaches. Our goal is to pass on what we have learned and experienced to future generations of lacrosse players, parents, and coaches. Join our Email List here.

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