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Deceptive Shooting

Deceptive Shooting

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As we head into fall ball, it is a great time to revisit your foundation as a player. Fall ball at Duke was a great time to get back to basics and build up the whole year.

In addition, fall ball is a great time to add new elements to your game. A big one we recommend focusing on? Deceptive Shooting.

Below, we share 3 tips to being more deceptive as a shooter. Using eyes, footwork, and release points to deceive the goal is critical. Leaners, twisters, anti-leaners and more can be key.

I think deception can be learned by gaining an understanding through film study and then being applied to practices, and opportunities when shooting on goalies. When you feel that "gotcha" moment as a shooter, you know you are on your way to using deception effectively. 

One of our trainees executed a nice low to low release in a 3v2 from X competition in Long Island training last night. You can see he freezes the goalie a bit with the low to low release. Many shooters stick to low to high only, and could benefit from the change of a low to low or anti-leaner release.

We often see the most exaggerated forms of deception. The crippling leaner, or the ridiculous twisters in the NCAA final four

But don't forget, subtle forms of deception, like stepping far, and shooting near, can be just as deadly. 

There is a lot of FOMO when it comes to recruiting, but I think the real FOMO should be for any shooter who is not trying to learn and master the art of deception. Don't get left behind. FCL has got you covered!

3 Keys to Being a More Deceptive Shooter!


3The Anti-Leaner Ft. Losauro & manny



- Coach CLASS


We hope you found this helpful. We started First Class Lacrosse because we believe in the power player development. We believe you can get exponentially better if you combine a great work ethic with the guidance of knowing what to work on and how to do it. Luckily, we experienced it firsthand as players and coaches. Our goal is to pass on what we have learned and experienced to future generations of lacrosse players, parents, and coaches. Join our Email List here.

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